Form Title Procedure Files
Proposal Project/Cooperative [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Writing Project [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Student Affair and Club [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Requesting card for laboratory [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Petition [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Reservation gown [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]


Form Title PDF DOC
Graduate-Roadmap  [PDF]
Topic requesting and committee nomination approval form of thesis/dissertation (วก 01)  [PDF] [DOC]
The oral exam form of thesis/dissertation (วก 02)  [PDF] [DOC]
Progressing form of project/thesis/dissertation (วก 02/2)  [PDF] [DOC]
The approval and committee nomination form of project/thesis/dissertation (วก 03)  [PDF] [DOC]
The oral exam and result form of project/thesis/dissertation (วก 03/2)  [PDF] [DOC]
Requesting to check the completeness form of project/thesis/dissertation (วก 04)  [PDF] [DOC]
The result of oral exam form of project/thesis/dissertation (วก 05)  [PDF] [DOC]
Requesting the time extension form (วก 12)  [PDF] [DOC]
โปรแกรมช่วยพิมพ์ (Project Template) [DOC]
Guide book of assigning thesis and dissertation for Burapha University Student (March, 2556)  [PDF]

Finance and Accounting

Form Title Procedure Files
Reimbursement of children education [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Reimbursement of medical expenses [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Reimbursement of scholarship student [Flow (TH)]
Approval of official travel by reimbursement [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Reimbursement of official travel [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Reimbursement of academic service operating [Flow (TH)]
Approval of part time job [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Reimburse of part time job [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Reimburse of student activity, meeting, training, and tour studying [Flow (TH)]
Certificate of payment [File (TH)]
Receipt [File (TH)]
Loan Agreement [File (TH)]
Step of accepting research [File (TH)]


Form Title Procedure Files
Loan/Return equipment [Flow (TH)]
Approval of purchase/hire/repair [Flow (TH)]


Form Title Procedure Files
Leaving studying, training, studying activity [File (TH)]
Requesting for a card [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Requesting for residence [File (TH)]
Taking sick leave [File (TH)]
Taking incumbency leave [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Taking childbirth leave [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Taking relaxing leave [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Taking ordaining leave [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Recruitment application [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Social Security [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Requesting certificate [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Fund [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]


Form Title Procedure Files
Requesting research award support [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Requesting foreign conference support [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
Supporting research grant more from external agency [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]
 Writing research project for requesting research grant, income [Flow (TH)] [File (TH)]