Burapha’s Faculty of Informatics is one of the famous university programs that students choose to attend to study computer science and information technology.  Our curriculum gives the students practical skills and practice to become experts in their field.  An integral part of their instruction is about moral guidelines and ethical behavior. This is done to produce graduates who have both academic and practical skills for business, as well as high quality moral values for society.  Our instruction helps graduates to create a prosperous and good society for the future.

Student Achievements

  • One of our students won the first runner up prize in a Thailand Northern Region cooperative education project contest on February 21, 2556 with her paper called “3D Modeling and Rendering of Satellites”. The innovative project made extensive use of cutting edge WebGL technology.
  • Another of our students won the third prize on February 21, 2566, at the Eastern Cooperative Education’s Projects of Science and Technology contest for his project involving retrieving, storing, and display of satellite images.

Research Lab Achievements :

  • (MSCIM) line training program (Start Drawing) won the third prize  place in class. Competitive software development of the 15 (NSC 2013) Web MSCIM.
  • (MSCIM) program recorded musical creativity (Creative Notes) funded the second round. And through to the finals. Competitive software development of the 15 (NSC 2013).
  • (MSCIM) program “Diabetes Alert cognizant” Best Paper Award from the Conference undergraduate degree in computer ASEAN (the ASEAN Undergraduate Conference in Computing: AUCC) web MSCIM.
  • (MSCIM) Diabetic Awareness Program Award of Excellence.