About Faculty

On October, 4th 1993 the Department of Computer Science is established. It was a part of Faculty of Science, BuraphaUniversity. Since its establishment, the department has produced qualitative human resources to serve the society with both hard and soft skills. The education concerns studying, learning, researching and developing in term of computer science and information technologies. There are several interesting subjects such as Software Engineering, Computer Algorithms, Software Development, Computer System, System Analysis and Development, Database Management, Computer Network and Data Communication, Management Information Technologies, etc.

On December, 9th 2009 the Department of Computer Science is promoted to Faculty of Informatics for its high performances and responsibilities.

We are the leader in Computer Science and Information Technology in the Eastern part of Thailand. We offer both undergraduate and graduate programs which are suitable for your needs. We have competent instructors and standard laboratory equipment. You can access digital library online 24/7. Study with us for your brighter future!