BUU-UST Research Internship

A Handbook for BUU-UST Research Internship 2023 <PDF>

1. Introduction

The BUU-UST Research Internship is a great opportunity for Burapha University students to have increased their educational experience of students, learn the style of studying abroad and exchange activities which will promote the development of awareness and cultural diversity. Interns can apply for a 3 months exchange program during the second semester of April - May - June of each year.

University of Science and Technology (UST) is utilizing 32 Korean government-funded research institutes as its campuses. The education model is unique and enables all of the UST students to participate in Korean national R&D projects as student researchers. Interns can join to interested institute as preferred. All of the UST faculty members are researchers at one of the 32 research institutes. Out of 13000+ PhD-holding researchers, UST invites 1200+ professors to contribute to nurturing next-generation leaders in the field of S&T.

2. Eligibility

All the requirements to apply for BUU-UST Research Internship Program.

  • Currently studying in Undergraduate course Year 3 or 4
    Currently studying in Master’s in semester 2
  • For Undergraduate course: GPA >= 2.75
  • A Portfolio of extracurricular activities (Activity Portfolio)
  • English language skills test results one of following
    • BUU Test > 45
    • TOEIC > 600
    • TOEFL > 550 (IBT 50)
    • IELTS > 4.5
    • CU TEP > 60
  • A concept proposal for research and approved by advisor from Burapha University

* Applicants who do not meet the above-mentioned requirements will not be successful candidates for in-depth interview

3. Schedule

Activities Responsible Duration
1.         Announcement of admissions for exchange students BUU Dec 1 - 15
2.         Submit Documents Intern Dec 1 - 15
3.         Document Screening #1 by BUU BUU, Faculty Dec 16 – Jan 15
4.         Document Screening #2 by UST UST. Korea Jan 16 – 30
5.         Interviewing by UST Professor UST. Korea Feb 1 - 15
6.         Announce The results Feb 16
7.         Sent acceptance letter to Intern UST. Korea Feb 17-28
8.         Orientation for foreign exchange students BUU Mar
9.         Preparing documents for traveling abroad Intern Mar
10.     Start a semester in Korea Intern Apr - June

4. Benefits

The following benefits will be granted when: meet all requirements for completing the internship.

Programsh Support by
1.    Expenses fee of travel documents BUU
2.    Travel fee UST
3.    Internship allowance UST
4.    Insurance UST
5.    Dormitory (based on availability) UST
6.    Certificate of internship UST

The requirements the meet internship completion.

  • Intern need to attend at least 90% days of the internship period based on working days.

Submission of internship reports.

5. List of Majors at UST (as of August 22, 2022)

No. Name No. Name
1 Weapon Systems Engineering 23 Nuclear Science and Technology
2 Polar Science 24 Radiation Science
3 Basic Science 25 Radiological & Medico-Oncological Sciences
4 Ship and Ocean Engineering 26 Advanced Materials Engineering
5 Green Mobility 27 Electric Energy & Materials Engineering
6 Human and Environmental Toxicology 28 Science and Technology Management Policy
7 Civil & Environmental Engineering 29 Advanced Materials and Device Engineering
8 AI-Robotics 30 Artificial Intelligence
9 Nanoscience and Technology 31 Information and Communication Engineering
10 Division of Bio-Medical Science & Technology 32 Resources Engineering
11 Division of Energy & Environment Technology 33 Geological Science
12 Data & High-Performance Computing Science 34 Astronomy and Space Science
13 Applied AI 35 Transportation System Engineering
14 Mechanical Engineering 36 Applied Measurement Science
15 Bio-Analytical Science 37 Precision Measurement
16 Biotechnology 38 Korean Convergence Medical Science
17 Bioscience 39 Aerospace System Engineering
18 Robotics 40 Ocean Science
19 Convergence Manufacturing System Engineering 41 Plasma and Nuclear Fusion
20 Food Biotechnology 42 Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology
21 Energy Engineering 43 Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering
22 Nuclear and Radiation Safety


6. Application Process

STEP 1. Be careful to read this Handbook thoroughly. All the information provided in this Handbook is critical and BUU is not responsible for any consequences that may occur as a result of not studying this Handbook.
STEP 2. • Search a list of UST Program

• Choose 2 Programs that topic and subject areas that best match your field of study and interests.

STEP 3. If all your documents are ready for submission, please follow the instruction for application.

1. Prepare all your documents in PDF file.

2. Fix the pdf files name in order:

“StudentID_Name_document type”

For instance, if your name is Athita Onuean, ID 65160000, your file of PASSPORT name must be 65160000_Athita_ PASSPORT.pdf

Code for documents are as follows;

1. An application form: APPLICATION

2. A concept of Proposal: PROPOSAL

3. A copy of Passport: PASSPORT (if have)

4. Transcript from enrolled course: TRANSCRIPT

5. English proficiency test score: ENGLISH

6. Activity Portfolio: PORTFOLIO

Now, if all your documents are fully ready in PDF version with correct names, send them to an email at:  athita@it.buu.ac.th

* BUU will NOT be responsible for any situations that occur as a result of insufficient document submission and/or failure to meet the abovementioned requirement s