Sustainability of the Erasmus+ Project “ETAT” through EduNet Membership

Bangsaen, Chon Buri, November 2, 2023.

What should you do after the end of your Erasmus+ project lifetime? That’s correct! You let it last as long as possible. The same idea has also been implemented in our ETAT project. With the EduNet membership agreement, we were lucky enough to be supported by PhoenixContact, Germany with training equipment called EDU AXC F 2152 training set. The sets are delivered by PhoenixContact, Thailand to Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University. The sets are equipped with AXC F 2152 controller, which is under the PLCnext technology that is ready for modern communications such as Cloud connection, MQTT protocols, OPC UA, etc. Thanks to the collaboration and cooperation within the ETAT consortium we got this equipment hand overed at Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University, Thailand. With this equipment, we can ensure that the Automation and Industry 4.0 trainings and workshops at BUU ETAT Training Center will last beyond the project’s lifetime.